Result Driven Treatment

Each of our Physicians spend time with different athletic clubs and gyms to ensure that each and every sport is understood to its fullest from a rehabilitative aspect.

You get back what you put in

We have our patients take an active stake in their own health. Our treatment methods are based on some of the highest researched techniques around.

McKenzie Certified

All doctors that work at Spine and Sports Center are now Certified in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy!

Make an appointment quickly and easily

Spine and Sports Center of Chicago exists to help people live free, whether you’re an athlete, the victim of an injury, or anyone who is experiencing pain or physical limitation. Make an appointment to come and see one of the doctors at Spine and Sports Center of Chicago today.


Freedom is what we are all about

Many people are bound by burdens of pain and injury that take control of their lives. These burdens can restrict your enjoyment of life and activities. Too often people are suffering the effects of a failed surgery, incomplete resolution of pain and overuse of unnecessary medications.

At Spine and Sports Center of Chicago our story is simple, it is Freedom. The Freedom to reclaim and enjoy your life again, pain free with no restrictions. Whether your preferred movement is to run, bike, walk, do yoga or play with the kids, we want to eliminate discomfort and restore proper function.