About Our Offices

Spine & Sports Center of Chicago is dedicated to providing you excellent health care services, very efficiently and consistently. You can reach us directly by telephone; we do not use an automated answering system. Help us be efficient by arranging for appointments well in advance or schedule appointments online; this minimizes the number of calls at busy times of the workday.

Our dedicated, experienced office staff works to coordinate your care, arrange for the services you need, and make your visits convenient and pleasant. The members of our staff are available to help with scheduling, with questions on payment, insurance, and referrals, and with other concerns or inquiries you may have.

Our physicians have advanced training in musculoskeletal & neurologic conditions, sports medicine, arthritis, physical therapy, disc herniations, and a variety of office procedures. Clinicians with these advanced skills in our office assure that you, the patient, have expertise readily available in our offices for a wide variety of your needs. This allows for continuity of care and convenience to you and your family within our office settings.

Spine and Sports Center of Chicago works extremely close with one of the nation’s best orthomolecular nutritionist, Dr. Gina Sirchio of LGI Health, to provide care with patients struggling with nutritional, metabolic, or hormonal irregularities.

This is our faculty practice site in the River North location where we work as a team of healthcare providers and staff to provide caring, competent and appropriate primary care services to our patients and their families.