What Makes Us Different

The greatest challenge in finding the right healthcare treatment is understanding what makes an office better than others. What makes Spine & Sports Center of Chicago unique and separates it from other healthcare offices is that they individualize the patient’s treatment plan meeting their needs by addressing 3 major components:

  1. Classify the Pain or Symptoms
  2. Administer the Appropriate Treatment
  3. Active Patient Involvement With the Treatment

Classify the Pain or Symptoms

Have you experienced pain and no matter what medication you take, you cannot find relief? Have you experienced pain and no matter what activity or posture you hold, you still cannot find relief? Do you find that your pain travels and you do not know if you are making it better or worse? Do you find that your pain increases and decreases throughout the day? Understanding the mechanism of pain, how pain presents itself, and how pain responds is essential to resolving your condition.

The importance of classifying the pain means to discover the ultimate true cause of your symptoms. Determining WHY the pain or symptoms are present versus WHAT are the pains and symptoms present will dictate the appropriate treatment to resolving the problem and not just mask the pain. Through a movement assessment, the classification becomes self- evident and the resolution becomes a reflection of both the doctor & patient’s involvement, compliance, and effort.

Administer the Appropriate Treatment

Administering the appropriate treatment for the corresponding condition in the appropriate time of the condition is VERY IMPORTANT. There is a timing component with each condition. Every patient with a chief complaint is in a certain stage, certain timing of their condition. With that in mind, the treatment must be a reflection of what state that patient is in regarding their condition. In order to get the most out of the treatment, it is very important that the treatment be applied at the appropriate time that reflects the patient’s condition.

Spine and Sports Center of Chicago individualizes and tailors the patient’s treatment plan to meet their personalized needs. The pain classification of understanding WHY you have pain will guide them to the appropriate treatment.

Active Patient involvement with the Treatment

Spine & Sports Center of Chicago strives to get the best results as quickly as possible. The most up to date research illustrates a significant level of improvement and abolishment of symptoms faster when the patient is actively involved with their treatment, compared to traditional methods of treatment!

Therefore, Spine and Sports Center of Chicago understands that your time is just as valuable as their time and they take pride in ensuring that they maximize the time spent with each other during treatment visits. In order to accomplish these goals, our patients become very active with the treatment as they always receive a multifaceted individualized home rehabilitation program.